Etymos Noise, Vol.1 - Instrumentalrock

  • Etymos Noise, Vol.1 - Instrumentalrock

Etymos Noise, Vol.1 - Instrumentalrock

Etymos Noise, Vol.1 - Instrumentalrock
2006 / LP - AD`009 (Vinyl - lim. 300ex)

The only swiss Instrumental-Rock Compilation-Record out there!

Bands: Tunica Dartos, Experimental Jet Set, Kid Ikarus, Overdrive Amp Explosion, Ad`absurdum, John Sars, Pirol, Crispy

Von dem schweizer Kraut- & Psychlabel das uns schon die herrausragenden Werke von AD ABSURDUM präsentierte, die hier auch mit einem exklusiven Song dabei sind, ebenso wie: TUNICA DARTOS, KID IKARUS, JOHN SARS, PIROL, CRISPY und OVERDRIVE AMP EXPLOSION. Ein Post-, Stoner-, Space- und Prog.-Rock Fest. Rar und limitiert auf nur 300 Exemplare.

Acoustic Desaster Records is a Swiss record label specialised in psychedelia, post rock, stoner, psychedelic folk and lo-fi noise. For this compilation vinyl released as a limited edition of 300 copies they have compiled eight tracks worth of more or less psychedelic instrumental rock. The album begins with a previously unreleased track "C-Roq" by John Sars, and it's an upbeat kraut/post rock track with some analogue synth noises, as well. A great track! Ad'Absurdum continues with their a bit more relaxed post rock, although the hypnotic and rather psychedelic "Sie Suchen #2" grows towards the end. Tunica Dartos performs a little more progressive number called "Uki Me Qaf Te Gjat" that reminds me a bit of Kingston Wall and Black Sun Ensemble. The track gets heavier closer to the end. The mid-tempo and heavy "Where the Story Ends" by Experimental Jet Set changes into chaos towards the end, although it cools down at the very end. Then follows "Late" by Overdrive Amp Explosion and it's a bit more poppy number in the middle and also includes some acoustic guitar. From Pirol they have chosen a track called "High Valley" that after its peaceful beginning gets really rocking getting close to stoner. Crispy's "The Picture Book" has a beautiful beginning and is a melodic, guitar-driven track. The album is finished with a melancholic, atmospheric track "Punk's Dead" by Kid Ikarus and it brings to mind Sigur Ros a bit. This is very nice compilation full of good, original bands most of which were totally new to me before this. A recommendable purchase, especially since almost all of the tracks are previously unavailable.

Fantastic overview of swiss postrock/instrumental - scene from 2006
Limited ed. of 300 with Overdrive Amp Explosion, Pirol, Crispy, Kid Ikarus, John Sars, Ad'absurdum, Tunica Dartos, Experimental Jet Set.

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