Ad'Absurdum - 1610200733:48

  • Ad'Absurdum - 1610200733:48

Ad'Absurdum - 1610200733:48

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2009 / CDr - AD`020 (lim. only 50ex.)

This is a very limited release of only 50 CD-R copies. It is also very special music and I guess the audience is not much more than this either. It is one track of 33 minutes of slow, very quiet, almost silent at times, soundscape. It sort of has you on the edge of your seat as you really have to listen to find out what is happening. Sounds of someone walking around in the room, drone, drum, tortured instrument, etc. Fans of the mellow Gnod stuff will like this as well. If you dig: experimental music, GNOD, etc..
LOWCUT (Dez. 2009) Scott Heller

1610200733:48 is some sort of mini-CD-R by Swiss experimental underground group called Ad'absurdum. Their earlier album that I reviewed five years ago was closer to post rock, though. This 33:48 long disc was apparently recorded 16.10.2007 and has just one thoroughly very minimal track that seems wholly improvised. One could draw a conclusion from the back cover that the music was made for an unfinished film project. The limited edition of 50 CD-Rs is sold out by now but the download version is still available. The sonic world really is minimal, experimental and quiet and created mostly by clinking and banging various objects together but there is also some organ, guitar and bass in the mix. They go with very low volume for long periods of time. In addition to the five band members there is one guest musician featured. The piece is at its best somewhere around the 25-minute-marker when the guitar gets some more space but this still is a bit too experimental and grinding for my taste. This could work out better in certain state of mind since this does have its own mind-expanding elements.
PSYCHOTROPIC ZONE (Dez. 2010) Dj Astro

Schweiz: "Music For An Unpublished Movie" lautet der Untertittel des neuen 33-Minuten-Albums "1610200733:48" der Schweizer Postrockband AD ABSURDUM. Tatsächlich handelt es sich hierbei eher um eine Hörübung mit nur einem Track voller leiser Sounds, in die sich gelegentlich Klopfgeräusche und vage Rythmusandeutungen einschleichen."
ECLIPSED Nr.116 (Dez. 2009) "Underground News" Bernd Sievers

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